Swedish Chocolate balls (No bake cake)


A favorite and must for every Childrens birthday party in Sweden. I Always use the recipe form AXA, a Company that makes oat meal in Sweden. Here I have translated and changed the measures to those used in the US. This is a no-bake-cake.


2 1/4 cup oat meal (one minute or old fashioned)
4 oz. butter or margarine, (room temprature)
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 tea spoon vanilla sugar (widely used when baking in Sweden, i Think the measures for vanilla extract is about the same)
2 table spoons cocoa
2 table spoons of Cold strong coffee
shredded coconut or Pearl sugar (i have not found it herer in the US) You can also use oat, sprinkles or in worst case garnulated sugar

Mix Everything in a bowl I usually use my hands.
Form Little balls of the cake mixture and roll them in the cocoa or Pearl sugar.
Place the chocolate balls Cold and then enjoy!!

For the recipe in Swedish visit http://www.axa.se


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